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Original price $74,000.00 - Original price $74,000.00
Original price
$74,000.00 - $74,000.00
Current price $74,000.00

Year:       1949           

Model:     TC        

Chassis #:     TC9883 exu

Engine:         XPAG     

Price - negotiable

Location:    Mesa, AZ

Contact:  Doug, Email 


This car last drove in the mid 50's after a tragic accident. "From The Frame Up", as the name indicates, has rebuilt it by taking it to the frame and refurbishing each piece / component to make this a new car. All of the coachwork is new, all sheet metal stripped to bare metal and repaired prior to painting, and the engine was rebuilt for performance. All electrical is new or rebuilt, drive train and differential, suspension shocks, wheels, tires, etc. all done. The car is also one of the 494 MG TC EXU's produced with added safety features required for import into the United States in 1949. Those features included: bumpers, turn signals, dash rear view mirror, improved dual horns, dual headlamps with both high & low beam functions. The color is an orignal factory color called Clipper Blue only offered during the last few years of production. This car It is now in the final stages of completion with minor details remaining. If you would like a new maintnence free MG TC to own, drive, and show off, then this is the car.  See REGISTRY # 0261-TC9883.