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All the cars that have been rebuilt by From The Frame Up (FTFU) have one common distinction – quality! This sets them apart from other restored cars due to the higher standards of restoration. Therefore, FTFU has established a ‘registry program’ to record each of these cars that have been reborn.

FTFU’s assigned registry numbers are in keeping with the MG tradition of starting with “0251” for each new model. Just as the first TC was numbered TC0251, the first FTFU registry number is 0251-TC7670. This honor belongs to Doug’s car which was what started the company.

To commemorate a full restoration, FTFU has established a proprietary placard, modeled after the T-series body ID plate. The FTFU registry number and date of completion is hand stamped on it and then mounted under the dash next to the original body ID plate.

The purpose is to record the provenance of the entire group of cars that FTFU has literally restored “from the frame up.”

def: Prov·e·nance /ˈprävən(ə)ns/ a record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality.

Our overall goal from the outset has been to establish the industry standard for quality and accuracy of returning these wonderful cars back to their original state and thus, preserving their use for future generations to use and enjoy.

If you have an interest in restoring your car, contact FTFU soonest for details. We currently have a waiting list.

Reg # Car Info Image
0251-TC7670 This car began at best as a parts donor. Regardless, Doug studied and researched each part to return the car to its original condition. After 4 years of arduous work the car went on to win numerous awards. Today it serves as the company icon for FTFU and the benchmark for quality restorations.
0252-TC8533 TC8533 was previously owned by Phil Frank, originator of the cartoon series “Nigel Shiftright” which portrayed Nigel’s antics and the TC. The car was featured in Road and Track magazine as a spoof to the high performance of the TC. FTFU’s restoration of this car was based on the R&T article and photos. This iconic car will forever remain a favorite for the public.
0253-TC10170 This car was delivered to FTFU via rental truck as it was merely boxes of parts with no body. Every component was restored making it a new car. The final shakedown was done by TC’s Forever author Mike Sherrell as he was visiting FTFU. Photo shows Mike driving.
0254-TC1675 TC1675 was also a basket case project. This early TC was completed in great detail to maintain originality. The work paid off as it won 1st in class at La Jolla Concours 2018. It will remain one of the most accurate TC’s globally.
0255-TC3419 FTFU took delivery of this very tired car, disassembled every component, and then restored and rebuilt all to produce a beautiful car with more pazazz and pep than it had coming off the factory floor
0256-TC8734 This was a failed project due to conflicting life priorities and then age becoming an issue. After years of storage, FTFU completed the task and returned the car in like new condition. Another TC back on the road to be enjoyed by the family.
0257-TA1282 FTFU was asked to assist in completing the restoration of this early TA from another shop.  Unfortunately, the work completed previously was substandard, requiring much work to be redone. The final product was a flawless TA. This is just another example of FTFU quality standards and doing things right.
0258-TB0263 Years ago, a gentleman bought this TB Tickford for his wife not realizing it was the very first TB Tickford to be produced.  As time went on, the car fell into disrepair and the son (then owner) selected FTFU to bring it back to life.  The project was monumental due to the unique Tickford body. The car debuted at the MG National Meet and won 1st place.  FTFU was able to preserve another rare MG for others to enjoy.
0259-TC7456 TC7456 drove into the shop under its own power.  However, the car was tired, and the body would sway during a turn.  Teardown revealed very bad things done by a prior owner and the choice to do a full rebuild was prudent.  FTFU built a new body as just one of the major components for the rebuild. The motor was also “opened up” to make this car a real performer with a very sharp look on the road
0260-TA1020 This is another example of a world class restoration.  This unique early body TA started from a pile of parts to a Concours winner at La Jolla in 2022.  It is accurate in every detail.  If you look under the bonnet, you will see an engine bay that sparkles like jewelry. The car was also featured in a "Cars.TV" segment with an interview of Doug.
0261-TC9893 Under Construction – This car last drove in the mid-fifties after being in an accident. Should be done soon, watch for the debut
0262-TC4124 Under construction – Originally shipped to India, then the Philippines were the current owner learned to drive it. It last drove in the 70’s and has travelled around the world and been stored in multiple cities.  Now it is being restored ‘from the frame up.
0263-TA2111 Under construction – Current owner has had this for years and is anxious to get it back on the road.
0264-VA1508 Under Construction – The VA is a bit more of a challenge due to limited parts. Many have to be reproduced and lots of fabrication. A long-term project but coming along nicely.
0265- Please call to reserve your rebuild. PH: 1.480.488.8185