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About Us

How did we get started?

How did we get started?

In 2004, I began the restoration of TC7670 not knowing that the car was, at best, a candidate as only a parts car. Without realizing how much was actually wrong with it, I set my goal to restore the car to factory standards as a personal tribute to the previous owner, my deceased cousin. Unfortunately, I was too far committed when I realized the error I had made. Never the less, I continued on my quest to find all of the correct pieces. My search began with the Moss catalog. However, I began to notice Moss had a lot of NA's listed (not available).

Sometimes I needed a part that was not even listed. The search soon expanded to all of the other MG parts providers. However, the trend continued with easy availability for common high demand items, but difficulty in finding the small bits that are not in such high demand but nevertheless still needed.

Slowly, I was able to find every part necessary to return TC7670 to its former glory. During that process I took detailed notes on where I could locate the small bits or the various sources that produced those small batches of critically needed parts. It has been through this experience that I vowed that others should not have to spend so much time trying to find these items. It seemed only fitting that if I could source many of those needed bits, that others would be able to benefit. I can only imagine that there have been countless well intended MG enthusiasts that actually gave up due to the frustration of not being able to find what they needed.

Today, From The Frame Up has changed the parts landscape by centralizing the availability of MG parts that can best be categorized as "Hard to Find Parts". Our charter is to find or manufacture these eluding bits and make them available for all.

Let us know what your needs are. We will help!

Doug Pelton, owner

Doug was raised on a family farm in Western NY and at an early age he learned how to fix things just to keep things going. Parts were not always available so he had to refurbish, rebuild and repair with the basic tools of his day. As a kid he remembers first seeing his cousins MG TC. Little did he know that 35 years later he would dismantle the same car and restore it to its original condition. Doug is also a retired Air Force pilot and most recently a retired A320 Airline Captain. He has been a contributing author on a number of TABC technical articles that have been published in various MG club periodicals worldwide.

2022 Car Show

San Diego

From the Frame Up MG car wins first place.