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Some components on your car often require special tooling or expertise in order to return them to serviceable condition. From the Frame Up (FTFU) offers a full spectrum of services to get you back on the road.


Full Restoration:  If your car needs a complete makeover, FTFU can help. It only makes sense that having FTFU do the work provides economy with available parts and expertise. Whether you have a driver or a show car, it will be done the same… correctly! See Registry section for examples of our work.

 Tub Rebuild:  Need a tub (body)? FTFU builds new tubs for TABC’s. Call to reserve your tub to keep your restoration on schedule. If you want to build your own, we can supply everything needed:  wood, metal, hardware, and sundries.

 Engine and Gearbox:  FTFU routinely rebuilds engines and gearboxes from all across the US. To make it simple, we set up shipping to/from. It is recommended to send the complete motor and exterior components so we can run it on the test stand to ‘dial it in’ prior to return.

 Electrical:  Although we have starters and generators to sell outright it is normally more economical to have you send your core to use for rebuild. We have all the parts and expertise to quickly revive your item and get you back on the road.

 Instruments:  We provide full restoration service for Tach, Speedo, Amp, & Oil gages and also the clocks for the TA thru early TD. It is not only important for them to work properly but they must also look great.

 Dash Panel:  There are many components to the dash panels. Some items need to be replaced while others can be restored for economy.  The final assembly can be somewhat daunting to get it wired up and for all to work properly. FTFU can assist. Send us everything you have, including your instruments, and we will fully restore/assemble the entire panel.

 Differential:  Properly setting up your differential is an especially important aspect of getting your car safely back on the road. FTFU routinely provides this service for customers across the country. It is also a suitable time to consider a lower gear ratio to improve your driving experience on today’s roads.

 Headlamps:  Send us your old lamps and we will completely freshen them back to sparkling condition. The buckets, reflectors, bases, threads, and wiring components are all part of the process. When completed, all you have to do is install them on your car.

 Steering:  The Bishop Cam steering assembly is often blamed for poor and dangerous steering for our TABC cars. The problem is not the design but instead, worn, and misadjusted parts. Send us your complete unit and we can repair and return it ready to go. But please note:  there are other steering components on the front of the car that must be serviced as well.

 ID Plates:  If you have a lost or damaged ID plate we can help with a new replacement and hand stamp your correct ID numbers.

 Other Items:  There are many other components big and small with which we can help with. FTFU’s goal is to be full service. Just send us an email describing what you need. We can provide you with help with most everything because we do it everyday with our own restorations “from the frame up”.

 Need help with your front axle? FTFU can help with this also.