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Year:      1938

Model:     TA

Chassis #:   2875'     

Engine:   XPAG             

Price - negotiable

Location:    San Francisco, CA

Contact:    Allan, Click for email link (if the link does not open in your mail service, right click and copy the email address)


A 1937 MG TA in parts was purchased by me in 1996. It came with a second frame to replace the damaged original, with a 1938 serial number, so it is registered 1938. The body and fenders were beyond repair and a good body was found with good rear fenders. Front fenders and running boards also replaced as was the bonnet and petrol tank. All chrome was redone and it was reupholstered in tan. The full restoration was completed by me a few years ago.
A 1953 TD engine was fitted, sleeved to 1500CC. Sleeving was done thru Mike Goodman’s shop in Van Nuys, CA. Mild Crane Road cam, 1 ½“ SU carbs, new TF pistons, large valves with hardened seats installed. A Moss rear seal is installed on the crankshaft rear. Original TA engine and transmission were in poor shape.
An MG TC transmission, Morris 4:55 to 1 rear end were used, from my parts collection. ten spline axles - with a spare - from Bob Grunau in Canada were used. New springs were used.
Aluminum/cast iron insert brake drums from Grunau and an Australian Datsun steering box, and a single Miata gel battery (in place of two six-volt batteries).
Paint, body work and prep done by Frank’s Body Shop in Placerville CA. Toyota Supra Red 1995.
Runs along nicely at 65-70 mph, thanks to the extra cubic centimeters and high-speed rear end.
There are approximately 2500 miles on it.