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Tech Tips


Please note:

The list of tech tips below are organized the same as the sections of the catalog. 
2.  The # for each tech tip also represents the corresponding item number.  

AC101 - Midge Installation on radiator cap, TABCD
AC114 - Door safety latch photos and installation, T-Series
AC118 - Fire extinguisher bracket installation, TC
AC120 - Oil can bracket and placement template, TC
AC129 - Side curtain protector bag:  How to fit the panels
AC142 - Bonnet support photos & installation, TABCD
AC838 - Gas tank dip stick: how to make your own

Air and Fuel:
AF205 - Fuel line routing and installation, TC
CL  -  Fuel line clip summary, TC

Body Panels:
BP110 - FRONT wing to tub screw positions, TC
BP116 - REAR wing to tub screw positions, TC
BP129 - Gas tank, points of originality, TC
SUN060 - Gas tank end panel packing set installation, TABC
CR172 - PRODUCT ALERT: Chrome bolt, gas tank end panel, T-Series
BP216 - Door adjustment & door support strap installation, T-Series

Body Timbers:
SUN040 - Tub tack strip installation, TABC
SUN062 - Tub rebuild packing illustrated, TC

SPG010 - Pedal spring set, TABC
BR160 - Brake line routing and specifications, TC
BR192 - Master cylinder, TABC rebuild
BR192 - Master cylinder, TABC rebuild - VIDEO
CL - Clip, specifications

CA - SU (AUC429) carburetor factory specifications, TBCD
CA - VIDEO - Slow run cable routing & setup, TABC

CH110 - Differential rebuild and set-up, TABC
CH201 - Rear axle oil leak prevention, TC
CH305 - Front axle tapered roller bearing conversion, TABC
CH332 - Front axle, king pin cotter, installation, TABC
CH350 - Exhaust system installation, TC

CR172 - PRODUCT ALERT: Chrome bolt, gas tank end panel, T-Series
CR182 - Gas cap assembly, TABC
SPG058 - Gas cap trigger spring installation, TABCD
CR208 - Door sill plate screw pattern, T-Series
CR220 - Seat bracket to wheel arch, TC
CR236 - Windshield glass replacement, T-Series
CR302 - TRIPLEX Glass, history and decoding logos, T-Series

DA - Under dash wiring and control cables
DA214 - Turn signal switch (SD-84) wire diagram, TC EXU and other T-Series
DA220 - Tach & Speedo cable refurbishment, T-Series
DA221 - Speedo cable routing & installation, TC
DA262 - Masking board installation, TC

EL - Lucas smoke replacement kit, T-Series
EL001 - MG TC Lucas Original Equipment Bulletin, TC
EL270 - Lucas ST-10, starter switch rebuild, TABC
EL470 - Wiper motor mounting parts and installation, T-series
EL600 - Halogen & LED light bulbs, TC
EL618 - D Lamp LED conversion, + ground, TC
EL619 - D Lamp LED conversion, - ground, TC 
EL918 - Turn signal relay, 8 Post - Product - Alert
EL938 - Battery hold down
EL960 - Wiring diagram errors and corrections, early TC

EL961 - TC wiring harness:  choosing the correct configurations
EL962 - Wire harness routing, TC
EL972 - Wire Diagram, TC EXU
EL990 - Wire harness support bracket, EXU relays, under dash control cables, TC
EL994 - Headlamp wire harness conduit installation, TABC
CL - Electrical clip summary, TC

Engine General:
EE302 - Engine startup tips after rebuild (VIDEO)

Engine Internal:
EN063 - PRODUCT ALERT:  Front cam bearing installation, T-Series

GA125 - XPAG Crankshaft modern lip seal conversion, T-Series
GA133 - Al Moss rear seal conversion, T-Series

GE120 - Gear shift lever removal (coming)
GE185 - Speedo pinion housing, "Fix The Oil Leak", T-Series
GE166 - Gearbox rear cover plate stiffener set, TC
GE201 - TC 5-speed gearbox conversion

ID Plates & Placards
ID000 - ID plates and placards, TC originality

RU201 - Shock link bushing installation, TC

ST228 Tompkins Steering Kit - PRODUCT SAFETY ALERT!
ST228 - VIDEO - MG TABC Tompkins Kit Install

Trim Exterior:
TR100 - Fitting the hood and side curtain frames, T-Series
TR148 - Side curtain covering kit installation, T-Series
TR152 - Side curtain trim corner set details, TC
TR328 - Padding, rear wheel arch, interior
TR330 - VIDEO - Installing the rear wheel arch trim, T-Series 

TL - Original TC tool kit specifications

WH118 - Balancing wire wheels and inspection of splines


Nuts & Bolts - How to determine thread size / thread summary chart
Nuts & Bolts - How to determine nut size and recommended drill tap sizes

Fastener Sets:
FS - TC Fastener set summary

CL - TC Clip summary of applications

GR - Summary of TC grease fittings and locations

SPG010 - Pedal Spring Set, TABC
SPG058 -Gas cap trigger spring installation

SUN040 - Tub tack strip installation, TC
SUN060 - Gas tank end panel packing set installation, TABC
SUN062 - Tub rebuild packing installation illustrated, TC

Just For Fun:
Rocker Racer - VIDEO
Watch Doug build and compete in the rocker racer nationals.  Will he win?

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