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Restoration Services

TC Restoration Services:

Some items often require special tooling or expertise in order to refurbish back to a serviceable condition.  FTFU offers a full spectrum of services to get you back on the road. 

We can help with most anything "from the frame up".  See the list below.

FACTORY PHOTO:  1947 - MG Assembly Line 

Full Restoration:  FTFU is taking reservations for complete frame off  MGTC restorations.  It only makes sense that having FTFU doing the work, provides great economy with  its available parts and expertise.  Whether you have a driver or show car it will be done the same....... Correctly!   Call to inquire.

Tub Rebuild:  Need a TC tub?  Call to reserve your tub to keep your restoration on schedule.  If you want to build your own, we can supply everything needed: main rails, wood, sheet metal, or a complete hardware set with all sundries.  Save time and money.

Shock Rebuild:  Don't wait 8 weeks to get your shocks rebuilt.  Send us your old and we will send you remanufactured shocks on exchange basis.  Guaranteed while you own the car. 

Shock Link Bushings:  We can install the bushings too.

Oil Pump Rebuild / Exchange:  Send us your core and we will send you a remanufactured pump ready to install.

Instrument Panel Rebuild:  The dash panel is the center piece of any restoration.  We can restore your dash to show quality while we refinish and preserve your original components. 

Map Light Rebuild:  Map lights are stored to like new.  Save!

Ignition Key:  Need a key, send us your code and we send you a key.

Horn dipper switch:  Send  your old switch and have it restored.

Headlamp & Fog Lamp Restoration:  Send us your old lamps and they will be disassembled and rebuilt to a stunning level of quality. 

Re-Silver Reflectors:  We offer headlamp reflector restoration service to return them to their original luster.  Just like new!

Re-Chrome:  Occasionally you may have a few bits of chrome and not sure where to go.  We can offer this service to help.

Tap & Die Loaner Service:  There are a few times where you need a tap or die to solve a problem but don't want to have the expense for a 1 time use.  Let us know.  We have loaners for a small fee.  Much cheaper!

Bishop Cam Steering Box:  Rebuilt boxes are available on an exchange basis to expedite your repair.  Or send your entire steering assembly and we can rebuild it for you.

ID Plates:  If you need new ID plates we can help with both the plates and the stamping of the numbers to match your car.


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