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Rebuild Register


All of the cars that have been rebuilt by FTFU have one common distinction - quality! This sets them apart from other restored cars due to the highest standard of restoration. Therefore, FTFU has established a registry to record each of these cars that have been reborn.

The registry number is in keeping with the MG tradition of numbering their cars starting with the first number of 0251 just as was the first production car for each model. 

FTFU has established a proprietary placard, modeled after the T-series body ID plate, which has the FTFU Registry number and rebuild date hand stamped on it.  This placard is then mounted just above the original body ID plate on the left front scuttle pillar.

The purpose is to record the provenance of the entire group of cars that FTFU restores literally "from the frame up".  

DEF:  prov·e·nance ˈprävənəns
A record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality

Our goal from the outset has been to establish the industry standard for quality and accuracy of returning these wonderful cars back to their original state thus preserving their use for generations to enjoy.

The following is a current list of FTFU's Rebuild Registry: 

Reg. No. 257 - TCXXXX
(Booked - Reserved)

Reg. No. 256 - TAXXXX
Owner: Private
(Booked - In process)

Reg. No. 255 - TC3419  

Owner:  Bill Bayh
Rebuild Date:  January 2018

Although TC 3419 drove into the shop it was tired and was ready for a makeover.  As with our program, it was completely disassembled and every component was gone through.  When complete it was essentially a new car full of pep and a real pleasure to drive.  The combination of classic black, custom green interior, and wood dash made it a real head turner.  With a new lease on life, this car has many years ahead.


Reg. No. 254 - TC1675
Owner:  Doug Pelton
Rebuild Date:  Jul 2017

This car was meticulously restored with all of the factory features of the early TC.  Every component on the car was disassembled and rebuilt. Surround, carb linkage, brass fuel pump, fog lamp, Lucas date coded items, harness color coding, headlamps, valve cover, instrument panel and many more are all proper for this specific car. The tub and doors are original as well as all sheet metal which is restored to the highest standard resulting in a show quality mirror finish. 

CONCOURS WINNER: It was publicly debuted at the 2018 La Jolla Concours d'Elegance and won 1st place in class.  It has definitely set the bar high for quality and is viewed to be the most perfect TC globally.

Note:  TC1675 details can also be seen in many of our 'how to" You Tube videos.


Reg. No. 253 - TC10170
Owner:  Herb & Alice Hemenway
Rebuild Date:  July 2015

Herb had a passion for the TC and purchased a stalled project over 20 years ago.  Conflicting priorities precluded its completion so the car sat dormant until FTFU was commissioned to bring it back to life.  It was delivered to our shop literally in countless boxes with only a skeletal rolling chassis.  What was supposed to be a complete car was actually a collection of orphaned parts from other projects.  Regardless, the task of rebuild was taken on.  In the following 8 months, the frozen engine was rebuilt, the non-existent tub was built, all of the distressed sheet metal was replaced and every component taken apart and redone.  What emerged was breath taking.  And what made this car extra special was that Mike Sherrell, author of "TCs Forever" was present to do the initial 200 mile shakedown drive and then help with the unveiling and presentation to Herb & Alice.  The Hemenways recently completed a 4 day, 600 mile drive through Minnesota and Illinois.  Herb noted, "this car wants to drive and its engine gets stronger the more it gets broke in.  Very strong!"


Reg. No. 252 - TC8533
Owner:  Larry Pate
Rebuild Date:  Nov 2014

FTFU was especially proud to have been commissioned to rebuild "The Nigel Shiftright Special".  This car previously owned by the late Phil Frank, cartoonist and creator of the Nigel Shiftright legacy.  Its caricature was featured in countless cartoons and most famously featured in the April 2006 issue of Road & Track highlighting its "superior performance".  In order to preserve its historical provenance, it was completely restored mechanically but cosmetically it was meticulously restored to the details shown in R & T.  The heritage of Nigel will live on.


Reg. No. 251 - TC7670 EXU
Owner:  Doug Pelton
Rebuild Date:  Jun 2008

TC 7670 is where it all began for FTFU.  The car was at best a parts donor car with so many things wrong and a product of a classic 60's restoration.  Regardless, Doug Pelton studied, researched, and sought out each correct part to restore this car back to what you would see on the MG showroom floor in 1949.  After 4 years of work, the car was complete and went on to win numerous awards.  To this day TC7670 serves as the company icon and benchmark for quality restorations.


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