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MG Service Bulletins

MG Service Bulletins:

TC Factory Service Bulletins – Lost Information Found 

Part I:  Index, Service Information Sheets, All Models

Part II: Select, Service Information Sheets, TC

As with any production item, there are occasions when the manufacturer discovers the need to make a product improvement change for safety or reliability. The “MG Car Company, Ltd” was no exception, as it issued numerous changes which were called “Service Information Sheets”.

The Service Information Sheets (SIS) began in the early 1930’s for all models and continued throughout until 1950. The SIS were compiled into a single book for all models and used primarily as a dealer reference as a prelude to what we know today as service bulletins and product recalls. Service Information Sheet #1 was titled “Sparking Plug Gap” and was issued for “All Models”. The last was SIS #77, “Rear Engine Mounting” issued for the MG Y.

For the TC, there are many SIS embedded within the total collection as summarized in the Index. The information sheets are somewhat fun to read as they are a technical time capsule of the day. The sheets were very brief, sometimes only a couple of short paragraphs and an occasional picture. There are a few issues that have information that has been lost or forgotten over the years. One such issue is No. 45, “Locking Plates for Steering Arm Bolts”. This issue talks about a locking tab that is no longer available from today’s major suppliers. FTFU has remanufactured them to make them once again available. (Catalog Item #FA019, 16-Front Axle, Locktab)

A summary of those issues of interest for a TC owner include the following:

No. 42 – Valve return springs

No. 45 – Locking plates for steering arm bolts

No. 46 – Removal of sump

No. 49 – Adjustment of engine mounting

No. 52 – Safe limit for re-boring

No. 59 – Lubrication of the King Pins

No. 60 – Method of clamping rear hub ball race

No. 61 – Steering angles

N0. 64 – Front wheel toe in

No. 67 – Speedometer cable

No. 68 – Master Cylinder

No. 69 – Distributor shaft

No. 70 – Sump joints

No. 73 – Castor Shims

No. 76 – Dash pots

For those that are planning to work on the particular systems mentioned above it may be worth a look to make sure that your repair is in concert with factory recommendations.

Part I:  Index, Service Information Sheets, All Models

Part II: Select, Service Information Sheets, TC

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